Craig Harcek

"Craig has knowledge and expertise and responsiveness and negotiation skills, but what he really has is a knack for making people feel comfortable while maintaining an optimistic excitement!" -Ryan & Katie P

After travelling the world from Everest base camp to Chilean volcanoes, I decided that Colorado is the place to be. I’ve spent the last decade studying Denver’s residential housing market; tracking macro trends while popping into open houses out of pure interest. I am fascinated by how our neighborhoods are evolving and learning more about what makes different sections of our city special.

As a Realtor, I focus on understanding what really matters to each of my clients and delivering home options that suit their lifestyle. From first time home buyers to property investors, I provide a personalized search experience and exceptional attention to detail in the closing process.

When I’m not helping people find the perfect home, I love to run with my mutt Charlie, renovate my 1892 brick bungalow, and spend time with my three (very blond, very rambunctious) kids.

5 stars - Highly likely to recommend

Sold a townhome home in 2019 for approximately $425K.

My wife and I were very conflicted about whether to sell or rent our beloved mountain home in Evergreen when looking to move back down to Denver. We put a lot of heart, money and sweat into the place; entrusting it to just any ol’ renter or realtor was not an option. And while we had bought two properties already, we had not yet experienced what selling a home was like.

After deciding to sell, the selection of a realtor was pivotal. The realtor we had used for two prior purchases seemed to do a fine job and all, but we felt there could be someone out there that might be better adept at meeting our now very high standards. (I am not really sure why, we just felt we should be able to expect more.) Craig had been an acquaintance of ours via a mutual friend, and while he was still somewhat new to the real estate game, I felt his intelligence and people skills always really stood out and could prove invaluable in a realtor, so we set up a meeting. That meeting went really well, such that we felt comfortable moving forward with not just selling, but doing so with Craig.

While things started on a really high note, selling our beloved home was still going to be a very emotional and difficult process. Craig and his team only continued to step up their game while the process ramped up, such that everything always felt manageable and smooth. And Craig did not simply work to appease us; he asserted himself where he felt we needed an extra boost to reach our goals of reaching a great selling price. Craig allowed me to realize this was a group effort, and everyone had their part to play. Craig kept our expectations in check and pushed us to get what we wanted. When we decided staging was not really needed, Craig still pushed and asked us to allow him to pay out of his own pocket to do it because he felt it would help. That was impressive.

And while an extra $5 or $10K for a sale price would not net Craig very much extra, it would make a huge difference to us. Yet Craig really worked hard to get us every penny possible.

When our home hit the market, which was a time normally considered a buyer’s market, we were prepared to battle through as long as it would take to get our asking price, but we still hoped it would not take long. But we went under contract in 4 days at $15,000 above asking. We were not only ecstatic about that, but relieved that we had put our faith in someone that worked so hard to reach our sky-high expectations.

Things only continued smoothly on from there to a successful conclusion, and I cannot recommend Craig more.

Review by: krisvenema

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