Craig Harcek

"If you are looking for a trusted partner in the buying or selling process, I highly recommend Craig. He always had our best interests in mind and never pressured us to make decisions we were not comfortable with or felt we didn't understand. He is a very thorough and thoughtful agent. " - Dana N.

After travelling the world from Everest base camp to Chilean volcanoes, I decided that Colorado is the place to be. I’ve spent the last decade studying Denver’s residential housing market; tracking macro trends while popping into open houses out of pure interest. I am fascinated by how our neighborhoods are evolving and learning more about what makes different sections of our city special. 

As a Realtor, I focus on understanding what really matters to each of my clients and delivering home options that suit their lifestyle. I provide a personalized search experience for every client, from first-time home buyers to property investors. My goal is to always work in parallel with my clients’ pace, and provide exceptional attention to detail in the closing process.  My goal is to provide complete clarity to all of my clients so that they have full confidence at the closing table.  

Prior to real estate, I worked as a geophysicist for 12 years. If I can find oil five miles underground, I can surely help find the perfect home. Although I help clients buy and sell real estate throughout Metro Denver, my main area of focus is my own backyard - the Speer and Alamo Placita neighborhoods. 

When I’m not engaged with clients, I volunteer as the treasurer of both Dora Moore and Denver Council Parent Teacher Student Associations.  Working with the PTSA allows me to be involved with our educational system, help improve equitable access to resources for Denver kids, and be an advocate for children across our great city.

In my free time, I love to run with my mutt Charlie, renovate my 1892 brick bungalow, and spend time with my three (very blond, very rambunctious) kids.